Autumn – The Season of Letting Go

Autumn; the start of the yin cycle. It coincides with the time of year my Reiki attunements happened to take place. My children were much smaller then. As the years have passed by since, I have mourned and then learned, in time, to let go of the loss of their smallness: memories of their squeakyContinue reading “Autumn – The Season of Letting Go”

Late Summer – The Mellow Yellow Fifth Season

In the West, we think of the seasons as the quartet of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. And in 2021 we’ve seen the gamut of what the British summertime has to offer, from extremes of heat to almost ‘Octoberesque’ bluster. Now as the late summer fruits ripen, let us look again at the 24 SolarContinue reading “Late Summer – The Mellow Yellow Fifth Season”

At the height – and joyful heart – of Summer

21 June 2021 and the Summer Solstice, traditionally known as mid-summer, has landed! After a UK May of rain, hail, more rain, slugs and snails, and unseasonably cold temperatures, the first three weeks of June gave us a vintage heat that really did live up to the title of Sir Frederic Leighton’s painting. Summer seeminglyContinue reading “At the height – and joyful heart – of Summer”

Keeping balance in these testing COVID times

In an earlier blog, I touched on the foundations of Classical Chinese medicine being rooted in the philosophy that optimum health and wellbeing depend on harmony and balance in all things. True health is believed to exist when there is equilibrium between the body, the self, and the environment. Chinese medicine looks for patterns thatContinue reading “Keeping balance in these testing COVID times”