Healing – Walking the Talk

The path to wellness is neither linear nor passive. When we set out for our destination, our feet must move one in front of the other to get us there. We don’t just think or dream our destination into being before finding ourselves arrived. It’s the same for healing. Healing from past hurts and trauma,Continue reading “Healing – Walking the Talk”

2022 – The Yang Year of the Water Tiger

Kung hei fat choy!! 1 February is when 2022’s Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated, marking the end of Winter and the long-awaited beginning of Spring. I’m especially excited as we’re moving from the Yin Year of the Metal Ox to the Yang Year of the Water Tiger. Not quite the Wood Tiger year ofContinue reading “2022 – The Yang Year of the Water Tiger”

Autumn – The Season of Letting Go

Autumn; the start of the yin cycle. It coincides with the time of year my Reiki attunements happened to take place. My children were much smaller then. As the years have passed by since, I have mourned and then learned, in time, to let go of the loss of their smallness: memories of their squeakyContinue reading “Autumn – The Season of Letting Go”

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