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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Wood Tiger Therapies.

After graduating with a Law degree in 1996, I spent more than 20 years working in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the Financial Ombudsman Service in the heart of London’s Docklands. At the core of my career has always been the desire to work with and to help people. I’ve always felt drawn to a holistic approach to life and living too and the personal practice of Yoga and Reiki have been a part of my life since 2007. Both have been life changing – helping to anchor me when the rigours of balancing work and raising a family in our modern world, at times, threatened to sweep me away. 

I decided in 2019 that it was ‘now or never’ to strike out and realise a lifelong ambition to work for myself. It made sense then to retrain in complementary therapies where I could continue to devote the rest of my working life to helping others.

With that in mind, I decided to offer Reiki professionally and to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), learning authentic Tui Na therapeutic Chinese Massage. Beyond that, my studies have continued and I aim to qualify in the next year as an Acupuncturist under the continuing tutelage of Maria Mercati at the Bodyharmonics School of Acupuncture in Cheltenham. Once qualified, I will be able to offer my clients treatments in acupuncture, moxa, as well as fire cupping. Watch this space!

I am a Reiki Master and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHA), qualified and insured to practice Tui Na massage and Reiki.

“When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy.” ~Chinese Proverb~

What People Say

Tui Na Massage

Neck, arm, shoulder and back massage for self-employed plasterer: 

I could have done with an extra 16 minutes! The massage left me feeling less tight in respect of overused muscles throughout the week. I found it very relaxing too. Christine has a knack for finding areas and starting to work on them effectively without me having to explain where the soreness is and where I was feeling tense.” MR A K


Tui Na Massage and Reiki

Help for hip, neck, shoulder pain along with stress & anxiety.

“I found myself in my mid 40s with a number of increasingly problematic physical and stress related health issues. I had been trying to tackle these one by one via conventional medical approaches but not getting very far. It started to feel like each of the issues (notably autoimmune, fatigue, joint pain and migraines) were in a ‘cycle’ with each exacerbating the other and I was beginning to feel very despondent about the chances of seeing improvement. I have a very active lifestyle but was starting to feel really limited! In addition to the physical, my work in the mental health sector had led to a very overactive ‘busy mind’ and I was suffering with poor sleep, anxiety and feelings of stress on a regular basis. Having learnt of Christine’s approaches to these types of issues utilising Reiki, and Tui Na massage therapies, I decided to give these a try with the hopes of a more a holistic way of understanding and addressing my issues. To date I have received four Reiki treatments, the last of which followed a Tui Na massage. The Reiki has been a powerful experience both physically and emotionally. During treatment I felt a variety of strong physical sensations (which I now understand to be related to the work that Christine was doing on my energy flow), this was quite unlike anything I have experienced previously. Initially my mind remained very ‘busy’ with many thoughts and images coming into my mind-I later, following discussion with Christine- understood to be quite significant, whilst my physical self relaxed. Immediately and for a day or two following each session I felt extremely relaxed. Then, following the third session of Reiki, my almost daily headaches and migraines had stopped, and my sleep was very much improved. Christine’s detailed and sensitively delivered feedback after each session was invaluable in understanding the connection between my physical and emotional symptoms and this felt empowering and encouraging (as well as being fascinating!) to aid ongoing focus between sessions! I would also like to mention the benefit of the Tui Na massage therapy. I have had many massages previously which have been enjoyable and relaxing for a short period. The Tui Na was quite a different experience, equally pleasant and relaxing but there was a sense of my painful joints (in particular my left hip- which I aggravate daily by horse riding!) being ‘released’ or unlocked in some way. Having had daily hip pain for about three years, I have had no pain whatsoever in the two weeks since the treatment which is amazing and my neck and shoulder pain is also vastly reduced. In summary, I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is seeking a more holistic or complementary approach to physical and/or emotional health issues to consider a consultation with Christine, you will be assured of a professional, compassionate and personalised treatment”.

Mrs R O

Tui Na Massage

Facial massage – for the relief of headache and acute tension in the jaw.

“I experienced a strong reaction, like blood was pumping and warm energy was flowing up and down my legs. I felt a rushing sensation down the front of my legs during the work on my face! I also felt heat and warmth on my right side. Although I couldn’t breathe through my nose beforehand, the right side was much clearer after the treatment. I felt a very strong, therapeutic benefit  and feel absolutely fine after the treatment. The sensation was like pressure was being relieved and I feel calm and settled. It feels like my chest has opened up too – it sometimes feels constricted and tight when I’m stressed and anxious but now it feels more open and like I can take a deeper breath without any feeling of resistance.” 

Mrs P C 

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