Autumn – The Season of Letting Go

Autumn; the start of the yin cycle.

It coincides with the time of year my Reiki attunements happened to take place. My children were much smaller then. As the years have passed by since, I have mourned and then learned, in time, to let go of the loss of their smallness: memories of their squeaky little voices and sticky little hands; their velcro-fastening shoes because their fingers had yet to develop the dexterity to tie their own shoelaces. I feel the nostalgic echo of those times each Autumn. When the colours of the season – the golds, the earthy oranges, the bronzes, the browns, and the reds – all seemed to transform into a magical UHD kaleidoscope to my eyes.

Autumn is the season of metal: of endings and conclusions and nostalgia. The climatic condition is dryness. It is the time to tie up the loose, straggly ends ready for the new beginnings that will always follow. It is the time when the leaves fall to decay into the ground and in so doing, lay the conditions for the new growth that will follow in Spring. For now we are prompted to turn our attention inwards. Introversion and introspection. But for some, the shift from late summer into Autumn catches us unawares, particularly where we have continued to power on with our activities, determined to cling to and eke out every last drop of summer’s high energy vibration.

Lung (yin) paired with the Large Intestine (yang) are the organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine associated with Autumn. The Lung is the uppermost ‘canopy’ organ and is responsible for the production of ‘Kong Qi’ from the air we breathe. It controls the function of our ‘Wei Qi’ (defensive Qi) along with the dispersal of bodily fluids. The Lung is connected to the exterior of our bodies through the nose – that gateway for external pathogens to enter and replicate. So it is in our interests to maintain strong Lung Qi and function.

Lung resonates with the emotion of grief and of letting go: the appropriate and healthy expression of loss and release when things come to an end. But also elimination of that which no longer serves us…the very function performed by the Large Intestine.

Think about the effect on our minds, bodies, souls and spirits when our grief is left unexpressed. Think of the deleterious effect of holding onto that which no longer serves us: negative self opinions, destructive habits, toxic relationships, baggage from the past that continues to haunt us and clutter our minds, as well as our living spaces. Think about the effect on our bodies if our waste is not removed, its passage impeded by sluggishness, or worse still, blockage.

In the season of Autumn, we are to breathe in the cool air and inhale the purity. Focus on our breath with deep, measured breathing – yogic box breathing to strengthen our lungs and help foster clarity. Retreat and reflect. Sleep and conserve energy to restore our metal element and build up our immunity for the Winter season ahead. Favour warming foods: soups and stews, along with ginger and horseradish. Stewed fruits, such as pears, apples and plums. Eat broccoli and beetroot.

Massage LU3, LU7, LU9, LI4

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